What is a Life Group? Life stands for "learn," "involve," "fellowship" and "evangelism." Each member of a Life Group is encouraged to be engaged in these four marks of a believer. In a large population, creating a sense of community and connecting with others is important. In the church, it's crucial. Life Groups are small groups within the larger church in which people of similar interests take care of the "one-anothers" in life. In a large church, it's important that community exists in order for relationships to be real and relevant. Another important aspect of connecting with Crossroads is finding a place to serve. Life Groups are the best place to begin that process. Each Life Group is designed to help you find a place of service in the church, in the community and in the world. Life Groups meet at homes at various times during the week. Bible study is an important aspect of the group meetings. Fellowship and service are also important.